Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths – Proverbs 3: 5-6

We are Bill and Gina Brick; a Christian couple that have been moved by the Holy Spirit to begin actively serving those in other nations. We have both participated in short-term compassionate service projects and mission work through our local churches and various secular and Christian organizations. With limited formal training to be long-term missionaries but a strong desire to serve in whatever capacity the Lord sees fit for us using our combined life skills, gifts, education, and on-going walk with the Lord. Six years ago we freed ourselves to become available to the Lord’s direction in our lives for full or part-time service to His children throughout the world. We sold all our personal possessions to eliminate all debt and to establish savings that will help sustain us in a life of providing the gospel message including health and human services.

We were actively involved in our local church. (The Rock Community Church – Anaheim Hills, CA) Our church is a relatively small and growing church which is currently limited to assisting in support of short-term mission trips. We appreciate the prayerful love and support they are showing us as we pursue this new season of spiritual growth and service to the disadvantaged and spiritually needy. We have been urged to open our plans to our friends, family, church family, and others so that they might share in blessings and joy of serving as the Hands and Feet of our Lord.

We are seeking your prayers to strengthen and embolden us in our on-going efforts.

For the past 5 years we have been living in Boquete Panama. We live in a small home in a local Panamanian neighborhood just 2 miles from the center of town. Our neighborhood is called Barriada Las Flores and consists of 30-50 families. All Spanish speaking and predominantly very low income. We have a lovely park that we have successfully gotten renovated during our time here. This park is where we began our Children’s Ministry along with another missionary family. We have 10-30 children attend our park activities each week. Much like a VBS (Vacation Bible School) we teach bible stories and scriptures, do related arts and crafts, play games, and provide snacks and occasional meals. As members of the community for over five years we are able to interact more and more with the parents and other family members as well. We provide first aid care and infection prevention, along providing medication in emergency situations for families in need. In 2015 we began Saturday field trips for the children and some including parents or other adult family members. Visits to local gardens, shopping center, or restaurants, all first time experiences for most. We partnered with a local church for the 4th year to assist them in a formal week-long VBS with over 100 children. We are able to take several of our children to this event and on graduation night parents attended as well. Very exciting to have them participate and a big change from how they interacted with their children when we first moved to their neighborhood. God has softened their hearts to Him and to their own children. Each year some of our local parents and children accept Jesus Christ as their savior at the end of the VBS.

We continue to seek opportunities to serve in this neighborhood as well as the greater community. We have partnered with a missionary couple to assist in several outreaches to various communities this coming year. We have also taught English to those interested as an additional outreach. We have a retirement community of foreigners such as ourselves who are aging and we are finding more in need of care and compassion services as well as assistance with various other life needs, assistance with computers, phones, etc. When you ask the Lord to open your eyes to the needs around you, you will be amazed at all there is to be done in your own backyard.

During our first trip home to California in almost two years; in December of 2016 we were able to see family and friends and were able to be partnered with Emmanuel Ministries, a 501c3 non-profit ministry that was established three decades ago to support independent ministries and missionaries. This amazing connection will allow those folks who desire to financially support our efforts to get a formal document for tax deductions. Emmanuel Ministries will be donating all their efforts/overhead, etc as part of their ministry meaning there will be no deductions from your contributions. 100% will be sent directly to us in support of our work in Panama and surrounding areas.

Here are directions for providing financial contributions through Emmanuel Ministries:


Write check out to Emmanuel Ministries

PUT: BRICKS on the Memo Line.

Address for mailing is

Care of Kimberly Ten Pas Bell

18536 Pueblo Circle
Huntington Beach, Ca 92646


Direct Deposit through your banks:

You can set up monthly donations on your bank.

Bank information is Mountain America. (PUT Emmanuel Ministries/Bricks on the MEMO line)

Routing number:  324079555

Account number: 10293114

Address to set up on direct deposit:  (If your bank doesn’t use the routing number)

Mountain America Credit Union

PO Box 9001

West Jordan, UT   84084

Once again we want to thank all who have provided prayers and financial support of our on-going efforts to serve. We would love to hear from you. Your support is very important to our personal physical and spiritual strength.

Gina email – ginarosebrick@gmail.com Bill email – billbrick@gmail.com

Bringing love, laughter and hope to God’s children in Central America and beyond.

~The Bricks~

On a path of obedience to God

2 Corinthians 10:5


20 responses to “About

  1. Love you both and waiting to see what you’re able to accomplish. God Bless You Both!
    Erin and Bruce


  2. Your light shines bright. We all see God’s hand at work in your lives and can’t wait to be apart of the support team for your mission.


  3. Praise God for your awesome baptism today. It was such a blessing and we were so glad to be part of it. Love you both so much!!


  4. What a Blessing it is to see true obedience.May God Bless You Guys.Love You Guys.Your Brother in Christ, Art


  5. The Travel Channel featured a show on Cambodia this morning, and I thought of both of you. Hope your last remaining preparations are going well. Only a few days to go before your flight. How exciting! Good luck to you both. I can’t wait for your posts from Cambodia. Hugs & blessings!


    • Thanks Jen. Nice To Hear From You. We Are Doing Great. Most Plans Are Complete. Need To Pack And Get rid Of More Stuff. County Showed Me A No Longer Working For The County But Not “Retired”. A Bit Of A Problem As They Didn’t Send Me Insurance Docs Or Process My Retirement Pay…. Getting Fixed But A But Close To Our Leave Date!


  6. Hey Bill and Gina,

    May God shine His light upon your path and guide you to fertile fields for His Glory!

    God Bless,



  7. Travel mercies and God’s protection as you start your mission serving with His children. We will keep you in prayers during your journey.


  8. Bill&Gina, my thoughts and prayers are with on your adventure to press on as to what the Holy Spirit has for you. Be safe and I hope to see you both whenever you care to return to us.


    • Hey Jen, Merry Christmas! I haven’t been keeping up with posts on the blog, as you can see…. Do regular updates on FB in case you want to find us… 🙂 we have been in Vuetnam for a month and heading back to Cambodia in a week. Stopped for Christmas and New Years at a beach called Mui Ne. Thinking of going to Ecuador in February. How are things? Doing work with the County? All the best, Bill and Gina


      • Nice to hear you’re having so much fun traveling. (Sorry I haven’t check out your FB page, but after my identity was stolen a few years back, I decided not to use FB anymore. Thanks for the invite though.) Spending Christmas at Mui Ne must have been amazing! You’ve seen so many wonderful places. Ecuador sounds like a fascinating place to visit. I hear they have really cool wildlife — birds in particular. I finished the project with the county in the summer but still pop in now and then to do some cataloging. I’m starting a new internship this Spring. Glad you’re doing so well. Hope you have a wonderful Happy New Year!


  9. Hello Bill and Gina,
    Great to see you smiling after the hardships you endured on the Camino.
    May the Lord help you to help others in the coming year.
    Jean-Michel and Marie-Pierre “The Frenchies” on the Camino


    • Thank you for the kind words and encouragement. I am sorry for such a delayed reply. Gina and I are loving Panama and have many opportunities to serve. I was very ill the beginning of 2015 and had to take it easy much of the year. I got the clearance to return to regular activities the end of 2015 and am working on that this year. I intend to do more consistent updates to this blog going forward. God bless. Bill and Gina


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